Prevent Pests From Ruining Your Vacation Plans

The last thing you want to experience upon arriving at your cottage is that a family of pests have moved in while you weren’t there. Properties that are left empty for some parts of the year are more prone to infestations and can be fairly advanced before they are noticed. Envirocontrol can help to ensure that your vacation doesn’t start with finding a resident already in your cottage when you get there.

We will apply the same methods we use when dealing with residential pest control to your home away from home. You can expect Envirocontrol to apply the following strategies to seasonal homes:

  • Property inspection to evaluate any existing pest issues and any potential problem area
  • Prepare and implement a customized program to control pests
  • On-going monitoring of the property to ensure that pest problems remain under control
  • Evaluate the root causes and provide information on what changes can be made to the property and surrounding property to make it less attractive to pests and wildlife

Keep yourself pest-free while on vacation, and call our pest control team at Envirocontrol IPM Services today!

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