Protect Your Investment with Treatment and Ongoing Prevention

Pest control on a large scale for an entire apartment building can be a major inconvenience to manage. Not only is it necessary to keep the building common areas free of pests and deal with tentants’ individual units, but the cost can take away from your revenue bottom line if it’s not taken care of properly.

Envirocontrol IPM works with property managers to assist with all types of buildings, whether it is an apartment unit, office tower, industrial building, or common area – we are here to help! For example, bed bugs are becoming more and more of a nuisance that can eat away at your tenants and your profit margins. A single new tenant can introduce these bugs that can quickly spread throughout an entire building.

Envirocontrol can provide a variety of pest control services depending on your needs, including:

  • Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly 24/7 pest control service
  • Economical and fast pest identification and extermination services

Six Steps to Effective Pest Management

1. Inspection

The first step to effective pest management is to perform a thorough inspection. This way we can discover the best way to solve your pest problem in the most efficient and economical way. The premises are examined to evaluate and identify the pest so that a plan can be made for control and/or eradication. During the inspection the technician will be looking for a variety of evidence of the infestation, so the culprit can be identified.

This includes:

  • Areas of damage
  • Areas of harborage (where they live)
  • Dampness, heat or dark areas
  • Availability of food and water
  • Means of entry and exit

The site may require some monitoring as part of the inspection so the technician can determine the level of infestation so that the level of infestation can be estimated.

2. Identify Pests & Conducive Conditions

Once a pest is found and accurately identified, the technician will use their knowledge of the pest to recommend a pest program specific to the location. Some of the knowledge that can help with this evaluation includes:

  • Biology
  • Habitat
  • Reproduction habits
  • Food and water requirement

3. Sanitation, Exclusion & Pesticide Application (if necessary)

Once the technician has established the scope of the problem, the treatment of the pest will be implemented to not only get rid of the current infestation but to prevent further ones as well.

4. Customer Consultation & Recommendations

Once the situation is under control, Envirocontrol IPM will provide recommendations as to how to prevent future infestations, including:

  • Ongoing steps that Envirocontrol IPM can undertate
  • Ensuring food that the pest is eating is securely stored
  • Implementation of new sanitation methods
  • Building repairs
  • Regular pest inspection
  • Control methods

5. Evaluation

Once the pest problem has been treated, Envirocontrol will evaluate the situation to ensure that it is truly taken care of.

6. Monitoring

Envirocontrol IPM can provide ongoing monitoring to help ensure the infestation does not occur again.

To begin your process, call the pest prevention pros today at Envirocontrol IPM Services. We’ll help you kick out your undesirable tenants and keep them out!

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